Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club hosts a series of Time Trials every year. Our Time Trials are designed to encourage novices and seasoned riders and are open to all clubs to race in the series.

Time Trials are a great way of improving your cycling speed and the friendly, competitive atmosphere really makes it a lot of fun too. All rules & sign-on locations are listed below the time trials list.

Rhos also participates in inter-club TT events. The Gwynedd Cycling Association (GCA) Series is being finalised, further details will be available here as soon as available.

New in 2020

A number of changes have been made to the draft schedule published earlier this year. Please double check the events in the list below. Further updates maybe necessary if some of the events, run by other clubs, are changed or cancelled. The 50 mile club champs has had to be scheduled for May, as the usual event run by Chester in September has been cancelled.

There are a couple of non-Rhos / non-TT events on the list, for your interest, and to help share and advertise events with our local clubs.

Links to the courses and sign-on locations and updates where information is missing will be made as soon as possible.

A new regulation was voted in at last year’s Cycling Time Trials National Council and it is now compulsory for all competitors to fix a working rear red light to their machine in all CTT events, both open and club.

Please click on the link below to read Guidance Note 24 for further information on this matter.  https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/guidance

Liverpool District have produced 2 new Local Regulations for 2020.
The first local regulation gives the Time Keeper the ability to disqualify riders who are seen to make a U Turn in the vicinity of the start area,  as reported by the starting steward or other official. https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/get-file/153-local-regulations.  

The second regulation allows the Club to enforce the wearing of arm numbers. Rhos on Sea CC does not use arm numbers at any Club or Open events, but riders should be prepared to do so if asked at other non-Rhos local TTs.

The Open TT events on 12 July and 6 September, and the Gwynedd series events  are ‘pre-entry’ events. Entries are to be made online for the Open events, and entry forms can be downloaded from the Cycling Time Trials website. https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/riders

DateDistanceCourseSign-onStart TimeLeague Points
16 April10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)18:30
23 April10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)18:30
26 April32 miles hillyPre-Entry D32/1Pre-entry: Mid-Shropshire event09:00no
30 April10 milesGOG guest evening, D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
3 MayHill ClimbD26/0 Great Orme Rest and Be thankfulGreat Orme Pier Car Park10:00
7 May15 milesGCA event, Pre-entry D2/14 Conwy Valley (view course)Llanrwst (view)19:20
10 May50 MilesClub Champs, Pre-entry D50/4TBC Mid Shropshire WheelersTBC
14 May10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
21 May10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
26 May15 milesGCA Event, Pre-entry TBC, Anglesey Cycling GroupTBCTBC
27 MayGOG Hill ClimbGOG event D25/0 Great Orme ZigZagsGreat Orme Pier CarparkTBCno
28 May10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
4 June10 milesEnergy Guest Evening
D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)
Bodnant (view)19:00
7 JuneHill ClimbGreat Orme ZigZags D25/0
Great Orme Rest and be thankful
(view course)
Great Orme 10:00
11 June10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
18 June10 milesClub Champs D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
23 June10 milesGCA Event, Pre-entryTBC, MadocTBCTBC
24 JuneGOG Hill ClimbGOG event, D26/0 Rest and be thankfulGreat Orme Pier CarparkTBCno
25 June10 milesLadies Guest Evening
D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)
Bodnant (view)19:00
28 June25 milesClub Champs D25/9 A55 (view course)St Asaph A55 (view)07:00
2 July10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
04 JulyAudaxTBCTBCTBCno
09 July15 miles-TBCTBC D2/14 Conwy Valley (view course)TBC Llanrwst (view)TBC 19:20
09 JulyGCA event?GCA eventGCA eventTBC TBC
12 July10 milesOpen D10/15 A55 (view course)St Asaph A55 (view)07:00
16 July10 milesGOG Guest Evening D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
23 July10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
30 JulyHill ClimbD?/? Nebo Road
(view course)
School Lane Carpark at School Entrance 19:00
06 Aug10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
12 AugGOG Hill ClimbGOG Event Great Orme Rest and Be ThankfulGreat Orme Pier Car ParkTBCno
13 Aug15 milesD2/14 Conwy Valley (view course)Llanrwst (view)19:00
20 Aug10 milesD10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)Bodnant (view)19:00
27 Aug10 miles2-UP
D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)
Bodnant (view)18:30
03 Sep10 milesPete Roberts Ride
D10/16 Conwy Valley (view course)
Bodnant (view)18:30
10 SepHill ClimbClub champs Llanrwst Hill (view course)Llanrwst (view)18:30

  • Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club members: £4
  • All other Cycling Club members: £5
  • Any newcomer to cycling who wishes to take part: £5
  • All Rhos juniors (under 16): Free!
Sign-on and payment
  • Please sign-on and pay at least 30 minutes before the first rider start time. This allows the timekeeper and marshals enough time to put the start sheet together, issue the numbers, and start on time.
  • Please remember numbers for each Time Trial are limited as per the risk assessments, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
Helmet and lights
  • All Club events are run according to CTT regulations.
  • All riders must have a working ‘bright’ red rear light for all Time Trials.
  • All riders are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet
  • All riders are strongly encouraged to have a bright front light.
  • All Juniors must wear a helmet and have a bright red rear light. 
Latest information
Open Leagues
  • Open to all clubs, no entry fee to the leagues.
  • There are two leagues consisting of a TT bike league and a non-TT bike league. So the only rule to determine which league you are in is; if you have TT bars on your bike, you are in the TT bike league.
  • ✓ = League Points available. Where points are unavailable, it may be because the event clashes with an Open event.
  • The series of Time Trials are run over the season and it’s your best 14 scores plus 1 marshalling duty which you get average points for. Please note, that only 1 marshalling duty point goes towards the average, regardless of how many times you choose to marshal during a season.
  • 50 points awarded for 1st place and decreasing in increments of 1 point per place. (49 points for 2nd, 48 points for 3rd etc).
Marshals & Timekeepers
  • All our marshals and timekeepers are experienced in hosting time trials, but please be considerate as they are volunteers.
  • If a marshal position is a no show, all rider numbers will go into a hat and the rider that is chosen to marshal will ride for free at their next Time Trial. If there are no marshals, then there’s no race so please be prepared to help out.
  • A very useful Timekeeper re-fresher PDF has been compiled and can be downloaded at the following link: TT_Presentation PDF
  • A clear guide on how to use stop watches during the Time Trials can be downloaded at the following link: StopWatch_Instructions
  • The Rota can be viewed at the link below. Please contact Toto if you’d like to volunteer for a time trial marshaling/timekeeper duty:

The Marshal & Timekeeper Rota is on a google docs site, and is kept up to date.

Sign-on Locations

Conwy Valley – D16/10, sign-on location
(Bodnant Foods Car Park):

Llanrwst – D2/14 & D1/22 & Llanrwst Hill Climb, sign-on location:

A55 – D15/10 & D25/9,
sign-on location:


2019 Time Trial Results

The time trial results for the 2020 season will be displayed at the link below and kept up-to-date every week.

Rhos-On-Sea CC (Club TT Results) 2019

Time Trial Results Archive

The final time trial results for previous years have been collated by Chris Pritchard. You can download PDFs of the results at the links below:

Rhos-On-Sea CC Time Trial Final Positions 2019

Rhos-On-Sea CC Time Trial Final Positions 2018

Rhos-On-Sea CC Time Trial Final Positions 2017

Rhos-On-Sea CC Time Trial Final Positions 2016