ROSCC Social Meeting Guest Speaker Dr Iain Lea from The North Wales Spine Clinic.


23rd September 2019 @ 7:30 pm
Colwyn Bay Cricket Club
77 Penrhyn Ave
Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay LL28 4LR
Carole Barford
ROSCC Social Meeting Guest Speaker Dr Iain Lea from The North Wales Spine Clinic. @ Colwyn Bay Cricket Club | Rhos on Sea | Wales | United Kingdom

Guest Speaker Dr Iain Lea from North Wales Spine Clinic Penmaenmawr

Whatever your age, sport or occupation you don’t have to live with pain. If you want to wave goodbye to long-term back pain, nerve pain, sciatica, neck pain and stiffness for good, the team at The North Wales Spine Clinic can show you how.

Reality, Myth and Fantasy.

 A cyclists Journey…..

 Whilst it is interesting to discuss professional cyclists, a far more clinically rewarding proposition is the amateur club cyclist.  The average club cyclist faces many challenges from training load to life load from the myth and fantasy of bike fit, injury management and training to reality and science based approaches. This can add up to a lot of disappointment, anxiety and unhelpful beliefs.  I see the fallout from this, first hand, daily in clinical practice…

Our talk will consider what you should now come to expect in the people you see for injuries and bike fitting….modern evidenced based clinical thinking, which can only come from a well-educated experienced registered clinician. As factual learning has been shown to be limited in education, we will follow a more valuable case based principle. The journey will take us through the quagmire of well intentioned bad advice as our hypothetical club cyclists battles with the legacy of years of seeking help, trying this fad, that fad with no understanding of his condition and no clue how to manage it.  We will see how frustration and anxiety play a part in the amplification of symptoms, create despondency and sadly can stop people enjoying our wonderful sport. Our expedition will observe the errors of the high tech-low skill bike fit options now adopted by many bike shops thus making you more aware of the limitations of such approaches.

I hope to help you make better decisions with your health both on and off the bike. I hope to keep you riding! My approach to this talk is as it always is with every patient:

How can I be Useful?

What I won’t be doing is offering fix all pearls.  Only a naive clinician would hope to give takeaways that fit all in such varied groups. Fundamentally, we are all different with diverse challenges. Good clinical thinking and management are the skills needed to tease away all the detail for each individual case and treat them just so…