COVID-19 UPDATE: Time Trials are now back on, with some restrictions

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Cycling Time Trials (CTT) advised Welsh Clubs on the 18th July that we could now start time trials, subject to some modifications and a comprehensive Covid Risk Assessment.  We are limited to a max of 30 people at the event, including timekeepers, marshals and riders: this means 25 riders max.  Strict social distancing must operate at the carpark, start, during the ride and at the end, for riders, timekeepers and marshals.  Booking will be in advance, first come first serve. A comprehensive set of rules based on the CTT RA and guidance has been compiled for Rhos.  Riders should be ‘self contained’ in case of any mechanical problems, and are strongly recommended to carry a mobile phone. Please read the Rhos on Sea Cycling Club TT-covid-guidelines.

For more information, please visit our Time Trials page.