The Breeze network is a fantastic way of gaining experience, confidence and an overall sense of inclusion. We all cycle together safely and without leaving any Lady behind.

HSBC UK Breeze offers fun, free bike rides for women of all abilities across the UK.

It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping fit, young at heart, wise beyond your years, or even if you don’t know how to change gears. Every woman is welcome on the HSBC UK Breeze rides. You’ll discover new places. Gain confidence as a group. Make new friends. Do things you never knew you could. And have a lot of fun. That’s the power of riding together. Some very close friendships have been forged through the network and the benefits to our mental and physical wellbeing is immeasurable!

You can join the breeze ladies for a ride in North Wales and keep up-to-date with all their activities. Please visit the link below for more information.