Below are a selection of rides organised by Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club and other ride events the club takes part in. There’s a full range of events throughout the year and something for every skill level and age of rider.

Group Riding Skills

see also British Cycling

  • Obey the rules of the road  HIGHWAY CODE sec 59-82
  • Two abreast maximum, and only if appropriate
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • Don’t mindlessly follow wheels
  • Stay as close to the cyclist in front as you are comfortable with
  • Look past the riders in front to get a good view of the road ahead
  • Hold your line, ride predictably, don’t grab the brakes
  • On descents, give more space
  • Don’t overlap wheels
  • Use hand signals and communicate

Communications Verbal and Signalling

  • Point to hazards
  • Shout “out” and arm behind back  indicates obstruction such as parked car or pedestrian
  • “Car up” is a car approaching from behind
  • “Car down” is a car approaching from in front
  • “Mechanical” and arm in air means rider needs to stop
  • Hand signal steady pat is to slow down for a hazard, see for example British Cycling advice about horses,