Below are a selection of rides organised by Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club and other ride events the club takes part in. There’s a full range of events throughout the year and something for every skill level and age of rider.

Group Riding Skills

see also British Cycling

  • Obey the rules of the road  HIGHWAY CODE sec 59-82
  • Two abreast maximum, and only if appropriate
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • Don’t mindlessly follow wheels
  • Stay as close to the cyclist in front as you are comfortable with
  • Look past the riders in front to get a good view of the road ahead
  • Hold your line, ride predictably, don’t grab the brakes
  • On descents, give more space
  • Don’t overlap wheels
  • Use hand signals and communicate

Communications Verbal and Signalling

  • Point to hazards
  • Shout “out” and arm behind back  indicates obstruction such as parked car or pedestrian
  • “Car up” is a car approaching from behind
  • “Car down” is a car approaching from in front
  • “Mechanical” and arm in air means rider needs to stop
  • Hand signal steady pat is to slow down for a hazard, see for example British Cycling advice about horses,

Ride Leaders

The term Ride Leader as used by the club should be thought of as more of a ride organiser and this person cannot accept responsibility for the group in terms of liability. The individual riders are themselves to accept responsibility and it is highly recommended to insure themselves.