10 Mile Championship

LadiesSue Williams 28.18Vicky Ronald 28.41Toto Gronlund 32.44
Vet 40-50Stewart Williamson 23.02Steve Morris 23.18Geezer Davies 25.33
Vet 50-59Steve Leather 23.59Darren Topping 24.28Mike Burns 24.58
Vet 60+John Dromey 23.32Andy Threadgold 26.50Alan Wheeler 27.31

25 Mile Championship

Vet 40 - 49Stewart Williamson 56.10Steve Morris 56.46Gethin Owen 57.39
Vet 50 - 59Steve Leather 62.03
Vet 60+John Dromey 59.37Andy Hawkes 60.56Mike Burns 61.05

50 Mile Championship

Vet 50 - 59Stewart Williamson 2.02.01Andy Hawkes 2.14.43Mike Burns 2.18.53

Hill Climb Championship

LadiesSue Williams 15.19
SeniorAiden O'Leary 11.08Gareth Shaw 11.41Pete Borlace 13.54
Vet 40-50Stewart Williamson 10.52
Vet 60+Andy Hawkes 14.12John Dromey 14.57

Time Trial League

JuniorsJosh Booth
LadiesSue Williams Vicky RonaldNicky Turner
SeniorTim Christian
Vet 40-50Steve Morris Stewart WilliamsonGethin Owen
Vet 50-59Steve LeatherMike BurnsChris Wynne
Vet 60+John Dromey Andy Hawkes

Non-TT Bike League

 Senior / VetLadiesJuniors
ChampionsLee BoothSue Williams Josh Booth

General Awards

  • Best Improver of year: Sam Stewart-Ball
  • Ride of the year: Pete Harlow / Will Neale
  • Club member of the year: Toto Gronlund
  • Pete Roberts memorial 10: Gethin Owen
  • Best All-rounder: Stewart Williamson
  • Unsung Hero: Chris Edwards
  • Award of Excellent Contribution to the club: Pete Booth

Awards Photos

The Awards night photos for the 2019 Roll of Honour can be viewed below. Please click on a photo to see the full version. Thanks to Gary Eisenhauer for taking the photos.