Rhos cycling kit and leisure wear

Rhos on Sea now have a range of leisure wear to compliment your cycling gear, including coats hoodies and polo shirts. They can be ordered in any colour,  the most popular one to date has been black.

To order leisure wear simply contact,  Clothes  at Work, Ferndale House, 2 Trinity Square, Llandudno  LL30 2PY. Email address: clothesforwork@yahoo.co.uk   . The order form can be downloaded:  download leisure wear Rhos on Sea Cycling Club

Cycling kit details below.

Club kit web-shop with Champion Systems opens when there are enough potential orders

There is a large range of kit available to purchase for all-season riding. Club members will be informed when kit ordering is available at certain times of the year.

New customers

Go to the Champion Systems log-in page at: http://eucustom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-GB/Default.aspx and enter the following details in the LEFT hand log-in option.

Username: rhosonseacc
Password: rhosonseacckit

After you have entered these log-in details, you will be asked to create your own sub-log-in details.

Existing customers

Previous users will have created your own unique log-in details, so use these.

You can login using the “I am a returning customer” login which can be seen via the following link:


Members that have ordered before can use their current login details.

Top tips

While browsing our kit, it is also helpful to have the generic cycle kit web-page http://champ-sys.co.uk/cycling/cycling-collection open in a separate tab, so you can view the clothing descriptions.

The whole cycling and casual range is available in Rhos colours. Size guide is at http://champ-sys.co.uk/cycling/our-sizing . Many Club members have bought kit from Champion Systems so it is worth asking around if you are unsure of sizing.

There is a lot of choice available, so here are some links to the basic kit items which are available in men’s and women’s cuts.

Short sleeve jersey
Long-sleeve jersey
Casual Polo Shirt
Casual Tech Hoodie
Casual Windguard Jacket

If you have any problems or questions, please contact:
Darran Acton, on darran.acton@champ-sys.com, mobile: 07798 855384 or
Frances Cattanach, Rhos on Sea Club Kit Officer, on fcattanach@icloud.com,  mobile 07764 897410

Old stock and recycled kit for sale

All proceeds from sale of used kit goes to the Junior’s Race Fund.  The list is also available as a downloadable PDF file.

All enquiries to Frances Cattanach 07764 897410 or fcattanach@icloud.com

Biblong 3/4UsedLargeTAL£5.00
BibshortUsed3 (M)Alexa£5.00black (not Rhos colours)
BibshortUsedXSGear Club£5.00
GiletUsed4 (L)Bioracer£4.00
GiletUsedSmallChampion Systems£4.00
Long Sleeve JerseyUsed5 (XL)TAL£3.00slight colour stain on front
Lycra OvershoesNewLargeSpin 11£11.29
Lycra OvershoesNewMediumSpin 11£11.29
ShortsNewX LargeSpin 11£41.60
ShortsNewLargeSpin 11£41.60
Short Sleeve JerseyUsedMediumGear Club£3.00Full zip
Short Sleeve JerseyUsedMediumLovell Sport£3.00Vintage Rhos Design
Short Sleeve JerseyUsedMediumLovell Sport£3.00Vintage Rhos Design
Short Sleeve JerseyUsedLargeGear Club£3.00Full zip
Short Sleeve JerseyUsedLargeChampion Systems£3.00Full zip
Short Sleeve JerseyUsed5 (XL)Bioracer£3.00Full zip
Short Sleeve JerseyUsed5 (XL)Bioracer£3.00Full zip
Short Sleeve JerseyNewXXLBioracer£39.48
Short Sleeve JerseyNewLargeBioracer£45.00Race fit, reduced from £98.28
Short Sleeve JerseyNewXLBioracer£39.48
Short Sleeve JerseyNewXLSpin 11£44.96
SkinsuitUsedXSChampion Systems£35.00Free to a junior
SPD ShoesUsed41Shimano£5.00Black (cleats not included)
tights (padded)Used10dub£2.00Womens Black (not Rhos colours)