A Message from Sian Wilby

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Hi everyone, this is Chris’s wife Siân and I want you to know how humbled I am by the caring response to Chris’s terrible accident in New Zealand. What an amazing group of people you cycling community are….or should I say cycling family.

Thanks to John Clayton,things were immediately going on behind the scenes that I was totally unaware of. What a friend ! To be honest,for the first two days,I wasn’t aware of very much at all. I was so concerned that Chris was alone 12,000 miles away and also  because he was the only British cyclist taking part.But before I knew it there was a deluge of messages of concern and best wishes and offers of help from yourselves and from NZ.

The NZ cycling community immediately stepped in and have consistently visited and reassured Chris and continue to do so in so many different ways.

If this was Europe I would have been there immediately by his side but a problem with my pelvis prevents me travelling for more than four hours and  this is something that has really saddened me.

The children have all offered to go but Chris has told them not to…I don’t think he wants them to worry about him but to support me.

Just like most of you I  suspect , cycling is in Chris’s blood and it is his passion and has been most of his life.

How he completes these 1200k rides year after year is beyond my comprehension. But I am so  proud of him. He was very excited about the NZ trip and he had just got to the 1000km point when the accident happened. The whole family was following him on Tripit .

I have spoken to him everyday,just short chats as he must rest, and after each call I feel he has improved a bit. There are physical injuries that will eventually heal but the main concern has been the concussion.

When he eventually flies back he will have a nurse attendant and be able to lie down during the long flight which is such a relief for me.He will transfer to Bangor Hospital.  He is very emotional and  is

distraught about Micky as you can imagine . Micky’s wife visited Chris in hospital a few days ago which moved him deeply and one can only admire Tomomi’s courage. My thoughts are with her almost constantly and one day soon I will write to her.

Chris has no memory of the crash.


Chris only got his phone back yesterday and he was amazed and overwhelmed by  text messages, voicemails and emails. He gets tired very quickly and said he wouldn’t be able to answer any of them but I told him not to worry as no one expected him to.

But he has asked me to tell you how touched he is by all your kind words and to thank you.   I also send a huge heartfelt thank you from me.

Llawer o gariad,

Siân X

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